Deep Clean & Protection Detail

This is the perfect way to freshen things up with an extensive exterior deep clean and decontamination, followed with a machine glaze and layer of protection to bring a fantastic silky finish that is easy to maintain.


Brand New Car Detail

This is the ultimate way to start the life of any vehicle, by getting the paint  work perfected and protected from day one ,ensuring the very best looks and keeping them this way for long periods of time. Also, helping maintain its value.

Enhancement Detail

Designed for paintwork that does not necessarily need a full correction. Removing the light scratches, swirling and haze and the dullness of the appearance. This will really bring out the gloss and sharpness of the colour, it's surprising what a difference it will make. 


Minor Paint Correction Detail

A two stage machine polish is given to eliminate light swirls/scratches and oxidation that really dulls the paintwork. Damage over the years by poor wash technique, unprotected paint work that has been open to the elements, and poor body shop finishes can all add up. This can spoil and tarnish the true colour.

RDH Signature Detail

This is for the perfectionists. A full paint correction with multiple applications of ceramic protection and all the upgrade packages. This will bring your pride and joy to the point of perfection and leave a protective layer on all surfaces with a stunning finish.  

Aftercare Packages

Take advantage of our aftercare packages (only available after having a qualifying detail) where you can be assured that your pride and joy is cared for and maintained in the best way, always keeping that amazing finish and protection. We can arrange a drop off pick up service or why not come down and relax in our lounge area with Free Wifi, coffee/tea facilities - catch up on your work or just relax as we take care of your vehicle.    


Motorbike Detail

The perfect package if you are about to store your bike and protect it against the elements. A full deep clean and protection to all areas, however you can take things further with a correction detail and choose a ceramic protection coating to ensure easy maintenance. This will create an extra layer against scratches, water spotting and UV damage. This will ensure the longevity of the paint work too.