New Car Detail 

Unfortunately, manufacturers and dealers just don't have the time or skill set to ensure your pride and joy starts life in the best possible way. The number of defects and problem areas that may need addressing from fine scratches, surface marring, factory sanding marks and machine holograms is astonishing, considering the car has not even been on the road These things can all occur in the final stages of manufacturing, transportation and finally storage.


Detail package:


  • Wheels deep cleaned to remove all iron fallout, staining and tar deposits 

  • Hot pressure rinse (1) to remove larger loose dirt

  • Application of a snow foam and citrus pre-wash to the whole vehicle

  • Window rubbers, badges and gaps cleaned with APC using a detailing brush

  • Door shuts and inner fuel flap cleaned with APC 

  • Hot pressure rinse (2)

  • Exterior bodywork surfaces washed using a dedicated mitt and soap using the two bucket method 

  • Hot pressure rinse (3)

  • Iron fallout remover applied  

  • Hot pressure rinse (4)

  • Vehicle totally clayed to remove bonded surface contamination (when needed)

  • Hot pressure rinse (5)

  • Vehicle brought inside and then towel and blow dried

  • All exterior paintwork is given a single stage machine polish to bring out the clarity, enhance gloss and remove defects 

  • Final wipe down to prepare the paint work for coatings (clients choice) 

  • Wheel faces and trims sealed 

  • Glass polished 

  • Exhaust tips polished 

  • Interior hovered and wiped down


   Prices from £450 

   Time Taken 1-3 Days

   Extra Packages ​

  • Ceramic coating £250+

  • Wheels off ceramic coating £150+

  • Full interior protection £175+ 

  • Engine bay detail £30+

  • Glass rain repellent £50+