This is the perfect step into detailing and Protection, A full intense deep clean of the full exterior through several processes then GYEON CAN COAT PRO applied giving you an amazing finish and protection that lasts ! 

  • Wheels deep cleaned to remove all iron fallout, staining and tar deposits

  • Hot pressure rinse (1) to remove larger loose dirt + engine bay 

  • Application of a snow foam and citrus pre-wash to the whole vehicle

  • Window rubbers, badges and gaps cleaned with APC using a detailing brush

  • Door shuts and inner fuel flap cleaned with APC 

  • Hot pressure rinse (2)

  • Exterior bodywork surfaces washed using a dedicated mitt and soap using the two bucket method 

  • Hot pressure rinse (3)

  • Tar safely removed from all exterior surfaces

  • Iron fallout remover applied  

  • Hot pressure rinse (4)

  • Vehicle totally clayed to remove bonded surface contamination

  • Hot pressure rinse (5)

  • Vehicle brought inside and then towel and blow dried

  • All exterior paintwork is given an application of Glaze (protection upgrades available)

  • Engine bay dressed   

  • Wheel faces, painted trim and chromes given an application of Glaze by hand

  • Glass polished 

  • Exhaust tips polished 

  • Tyres, wheel arches and black plastic trims all dressed


   Prices from £250


  • Full interior deep clean and protection from £175

  • Wheels off (ceramic protection) £150+

  • Convertible hood clean & Protection £150+

  • Glass rain repellent £50+

  • Gyeon Ceramic coating upgrades £250+