Aftercare Packages

Take advantage of our aftercare packages (only available after having a qualifying detail) where you can be assured that your pride and joy is cared for and maintained in the best possible way, always keeping that amazing finish and protection. We can arrange a pick up/drop off service or why not come down and relax in our lounge area with Free WiFi and coffee/tea facilities -  catch up on your work or just relax as we take care of your vehicle.    

  • Wheels cleaned 

  • Hot pressure rinse (1) to remove larger loose dirt

  • Application of a snow foam and citrus pre-wash to the whole vehicle

  • Door shuts, Window rubbers, badges and gaps cleaned with APC using a detailing brush

  • Hot pressure rinse (2)

  • Exterior bodywork surfaces washed using a dedicated mitt and soap using the two bucket method 

  • Hot pressure rinse (3)

  • Tar safely removed from all exterior surfaces and door shuts (Full Maintenance detail)

  • Hot pressure rinse (4)

  • Vehicle brought inside and then towel and blow dried.

  • All exterior paintwork given an application of either a wet coat. (Applicable with full maintanance detail wax, sealant or ceramic booster to be discussed and can effect pricing)

  • Interior lightly hovered   

  • Glass polished 

  • Tyres, wheel arches and black plastic trims all dressed

  Prices from £45

  Time 1-2 hours safe wash

  Time 3-12 hours full maintenance detail 


  • Wheels fronts waxed/sealed £40 

  • Deep Interior Clean and protect £70 +

  • Engine bay deep clean £30 +

  • Glass rain repellent £50